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Data Sharing for Catalog Mailings

From time to time, we may share your name, address and transactional information about products you have purchased from a Home Depot catalog. Our store  will only share this information with carefully screened companies so that you may receive future catalogs offerings about other products and services that may be of interest to you. Please indicate below if you wish to not have your information shared with these companies.



I have ordered or submitted an order for some flooring two separate times.. I've never heard anything from anyone ..I don't even know who I'm supposed to be ordering this from because I don't get an email after submitting my order.. they don't offer any way to put the payment information.. it looks like someone would or email or something if the merchandise was not available.. I don't even know who this place is or if it even really exist... I am he desperate need of this flooring

Sam thing here. No way to enter payment info Tthank God!). I thinh this is a sacm site to gather you information. Which I read the comment before I entered my info.

Hellois there a number I can call regarding an order placed yet not recieved?  I have an order number.

I placed a order tonight, and like other people complained about above I too did not get asked for payment nor did I receive an email regarding my order. I am going to report this site as a scam site so that no other people are duped into giving their information!!!

Scam site. Placed an order but they never asked for payment info luckily. I got a "confirmation" from some address named blackcarrot with a .ru (Russia) suffix. Yeah, great like I am going to give my payment info to some Russian 

This site is come kind of information scam. Do not place any orders with these people, they are frauds.

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